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Friday, March 2, 2012

Stress..!!!! i hate numbers... !!!! 2nd edition


sambung entry semalam... hahaha!! x puas ati... setelah study benda nie semalaman...(study ker smlm... ) baru i faham all the table..all the calculation... bnyk term2 yg i x faham.. tp thanks 2 Furse akhirnye paham jg i...hehehe!!!! meh2 i teach u how to use this Standard... hehehe

mcm ne nak identify kan losses...untuk BS EN 62305-2 Risk management ini.. die ada 4 type of losses...

R1  Risk of loss of human life
R2  Risk of loss of service to the public
R3  Risk of loss of cultural heritage
R4  Riks of loss of economic value.. (wah u... i dh macam lecturer plk.. wakhakhakha!!!!)

step mmg tersangatttt ler bnyk...nak dptkan collection ares..number of dangerous events..expected annual loss of human life & loss of human life...plus minus semua sekali, then dptkn result, jika R1 > RT maksudnye the structure is not adequately protected for this type of losses (yg i highlight tu).. so in order to install protection measure u need to reduce RD... cara nye bagai mane..u kene buat further calculation (ini yg i paling mals sekali...wa..wa...)

Table Class of LPS

untuk reduce kn RD.. u have to apply a structural lightning protection system (LPS) and so reduce PB from 1 to a lower value.. semua ini bergantung pada Class of LPS (I to IV) yg u pilih. (hahaha fenink x...) dengan memasukkan structural LPS, automaticly u perlu install SPD pada setiap kemasukan telecom and power lines, ianya bersamaan dgn structural Class LPS. (paham x.hehehe!!!) Ok2 lepas u buat calculation SPD per semua than u mesty akan dpt result  R1 < RT..  therefore protection has been achieved... (hahaha...mcm lecturer x..haha!!!!) klu u nak lebih detail lg boleh ler tgk kat Furse.. kat c tu u boleh install A Guide to BS EN 62305:2006 Protection Against Lightning tu 2nd edition erk.. hehehe..!!! die akan tunjukkan bagaimana calculation step.. mule2 mmg fenink.. tp bile u dh dpt result and dh faham.. semua akan ok..hehe..!!!

Ini sgt penting semasa submission yer...

P/s:- Gile jap.. hehehe!!!!! Teh o ais limau... satu......!!!!

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