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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Funny Photo Caption Meme!

Funny Photo Caption Meme!: In this joyous season we bring you an Internet Meme that'll spread fun & laughter to everyone!
In our very first Caption Meme, 10 lucky participants with the funniest caption meme will get a Calvin Klein Voucher worth RM100; a special Christmas present from us :)

A pinch of your humor is all you need :
1. Share this campaign; Click the 'Generate my unique URL' button below & copy the link provided.
2. Post it on your Facebook wall with your caption in the message box as shown :


Syira Rara said...

ermm sy baru je follow blog awak ni..n kalau awak x kisah jenguk2 la blog sy then follow yea..blh share cerita..(^_^)

fairy.,. fairy said...

thank @Syira Rara.. i will follow u...